Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design is all about attention to detail and with the correct mixture of well written text and striking graphics a successful design concept can be created for anything from a website or leaflet to a poster or exhibition stand.

Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures and Catalogue Design

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Flyers, leaflets, brochures and catalogues are the perfect solution to advertise and showcase products and services. But this literature will often be the first line of communication between you and your potential customers so it's important that the right image is portrayed!

Website Design and Hosting

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Without web presence your product, service or business becomes invisible. A website is an invaluable tool allowing millions of potential customers to view your products/services and portraying the correct image is paramount.

Using my expertise as a designer jointly with that of a web developer enables me to produce websites that are both eye-catching and functional. Working closely with Steven Wicks of The PC Technicians also allows me to offer the design and development of more extensive websites such as those needing a Contents Management Systems (CMS) or E-commerce.

Corporate Identity/Logo Design

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Make your business stand out with a corporate identity that says who you are and what you do. Create an instantly recognisable identity that speaks to your customers and investors about the qualities you bring to the market and the strengths of your business.

Email Marketing/Campaigns

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We create eye-catching emails that can be sent out either using your own email system or through our 'Instant-Email' system, allowing you to keep in touch with your customers and make potential customers aware of your products and services.


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Whether it’s through a poster, magazine ad or online advertisement make sure the first line of communication between you and your potential customers portrays the correct image.

Exhibition Stands/Popup Banners

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Exhibition Stands and Popup Banners are a great way of placing your product/service directly in front of your customers.

Newsletters and eNewsletters

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Newsletters and eNewsletters are an inexpensive and eye-catching way to keep in touch with your clients. eNewsletters, also known as email newsletters, are not only affordable, they are fast too – thousands can be sent out at the touch of a button. 

Print Management

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Having made invaluable contacts throughout the printing industry I am able to offer high quality colour printing at very competitive prices.


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Vast amounts of information can be stored and readily accessed through a CD or USB stick – make the contents fun and interactive to engage the end-user.

Motion Graphics

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Andrew Wicks Creative produce a whole range of motion graphics, everything from title sequences through to promotional videos and simple animations for the web. Our stylish and on-brand motion graphics can help in promoting a single product or idea, process or key message in an eye-catching and captivating way.

Web Banners

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I can produce animated GIF and Flash banners at any size and to fit any budget. Banner ads are one of the main forms of advertising online, and due to the widespread acceptance of the standard 468x60 banner ad, you can easily secure placements at most sites.

Domain Names and Hosting

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Working closely with Steven Wicks of The PC Technicians enables me to offer Domain Name registration and Hosting, as well as these IT and G Solutions offers a wide rage of IT related services.

Photo Manipulation/Editing

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Continue where the camera left off - make the impossible possible and bring non-realistic scenarios to life.


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If it's a flyer, leaflet, brochure, magazine or catalogue, direct mailer, exhibition stand, corporate identity, interactive CD or website design you need, then contact me today for a free quote.