Recent Graphic Design Work - Clients

“Andrew has been a great addition to our virtual team. He is efficient, creative and requires minimum direction. After an initial meeting with us he clearly grasped the brand positioning and creative direction and has delivered nothing but high quality work, on time ever since.”

Richard Brooks | European Marketing Director, FleetMatics

Recent Graphic Design Work - Clients
“Quick, competent, cost-effective, cooperative and highly creative – this is our verdict on Andrew Wicks.

Since we moved the design and origination of Independent Schools Magazine to Andrew we have been pleased with the work he has done. He combines up-to-date technical knowledge with a practical approach to the creative side of magazine publishing. ISM is not an easy job combining as it does the late advertisement and editorial deadlines of a newspaper with the professional journal's need for total accuracy and authority. Recommended!”

Kimble Earl | Editor & Publisher, Independent Schools Magazine, Bull Nelson Ltd

Recent Graphic Design Work - Clients

"Highly recommended – Accuworks has been working with Andrew now for over a year, since the inception of our company and brand. He is bright, innovative and patient, qualities vital at start-up and in maintaining a long-term relationship. Of course he is also talented and able to deliver a great result. He consistently offers good-value and is always available to answer questions and help out where he can.”

Jordan Ambrose | Director, Accuworks

Recent Graphic Design Work - Clients

“I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew many times. Not only is he a pleasure to work with from a personal point of view, his work ethic is second to none. Andrew has completed tasks with deadlines that would have made other suppliers shudder with barely the batter of an eyelid. Communication is prompt, the quality of his work is exemplary and he is happy not only to be guided by the client’s needs but also to have creative input if he believes that there are other options that could be explored whilst never coming across as a pushy ‘creative’ stereotype. Not only am I be happy to use Andrew’s services on an ongoing basis, I would heartily recommend him.”

Jonathan Luker | Retail Sales Manager, Kaspersky Lab

Recent Graphic Design Work - Clients

“Nobody in our organisation knew how to go about creating a website, so it was a massive relief when Andrew Wicks provided us with an easy to use, highly visual and intuitive design. Andrew is both approachable and accessible and we are grateful to him for dragging us into the 21st century.”

Tabitha Hannam | Chair, Westwood Farm Community Pre-School